Pre-order online with Mydutyfree

скидка в дьюти фри

Mydutyfree - pre-order online in duty-free 
Choose duty-free products even before you get to the airport.
Look through the assortment and check current prices in Heinemann Duty Free stores in the catalog at, make a pre-order and get a discount!

The service is available at the international airports: Domodedovo, Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg), Kurumoch (Samara) and Zhukovsky.

What are the benefits of using Mydutyfree service?
You can:
  • select goods in advance
  •  plan your purchase budget
  • make a pre-order
  • get a discount
  • save your time at the airport

What is a pre-order?
The pre-order is an opportunity for you to select goods in advance and inform the store about your choice. 
By the time you arrive at the airport, the store staff will be notified of your pre-order. So you just need to go to the Mydutyfree cash desk in the Heinemann Duty Free store, name the order number, and the cashiers will collect the order for you.
You do not need to pay in advance: the payment is made in the store when you pick up the order.
If you make the pre-order you get a premium service, meaning that there is no need to stand in a queue and lose time searching for necessary products by yourself.

Mydutyfree discounts
You will get a 7% discount on any purchase in Heinemann Duty Free* stores, after you make the pre-choice on
Also you can get increased partner discounts.
Today, Mydutyfree users can get such discounts and benefits:
  • S7 Priority: 12% discount and 5 miles for every euro spent on purchase
  • Wings (Ural Airlines program): 10% discount and 3 bonuses for every euro spent on purchase
In order to get the increased discount, you need to enter the number of the loyalty program card or the partner's promotional code in the corresponding field at the checkout page.
To clarify details about getting the discount please check on the website of the service.

Adding products to the order in the store
You can add new products to your order or refuse from the goods directly in the store at the airport - your discount will also apply to the goods that you add to the order.
You can use the service on website and through applications for Android and iOS smartphones.
MyDutyFree is the service for everyone who prefers comfortable shopping and values the time. 
We wish you pleasant trips!

* at the international airports Domodedovo, Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg), Kurumoch (Samara) and Zhukovsky.

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