Heinemann Travel Value Tolmachevo

We invite you to Heinemann Travel Value Novosibirsk – the world of perfumes and cosmetics, chocolate and toys, jewelry, leather products and other accessories!

Heinemann Travel Value presents the world's leading brands: Coccinelle, Guess, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ray Ban, Swarovski and many others.

Travel Value Tolmachevo

All products are delivered directly from the European representative offices of the brands, which gives you a 100% quality guarantee.

For those who like profitable shopping, we recommend paying attention to the products in the "Special offer" sections, which are marked with red price tags and "Price Hits”, where fragrances from well-known brands are presented at fixed prices from 1800 rubles.

Travel Value Tolmachevo 2

Products marked with the "Airport Exclusive" sign are manufactured specially for travelers. You won't find them on the domestic market.

  • Travel Kits that contain mini volumes of your favorite skin care or cosmetics products;
  • New drinks or flavors;
  • Full volume of perfume and its miniature as a gift;

We are waiting for you in Heinemann Travel Value Tolmachevo! 

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The store is located in the domestic departure area, after the security zone. Departure zone A, Tolmachevo Airport, Ob, Novosibirsk region

domestic departures area
+ 7 (495) 788 80 30 доб. 201
perfumery, cosmetics, sunglasses, watches, jewellery, chocolate, toys
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